1Freight is a logistic concept from the globally operating supply chain solutions specialist Nabuurs

A new approach to International Travel Retail.

Do you still order semi-full containers from multiple suppliers? It’s time to make a change. With 1Freight, you can order single containers filled to the brim with chocolate products from a variety of different suppliers. Provide your customers with a wide range of choices, without the extra cost. Our consolidation solution helps you manage your stock and keeps the price of transportation low.

1Freight works from a dedicated, bonded and temperature controlled warehouse. We can fully relieve you of your concerns regarding customs formalities and export documentation. Ordering just one container also saves time, you don’t need to plan several delivery moments.

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Less Stock
Save Costs
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The Future of Duty Free Shop Delivery

Less Stock

Only order the amount of products you need and combine container deliveries with products from different suppliers.

Save Costs

1Freight keeps the cost of transportation low by combining products from a variety of suppliers.

More Efficient

No more semi-full containers. We strive to ship filled containers only.


Concerned about sustainability? We’ve got you covered. Our transport is lean & green.

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The Future of Duty-Free Shop Delivery

What is the current state of the International Duty-Free Retail Market? Download a free copy of the 1Freight Trend Magazine to gain knowledge about the following topics:

  • The impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions on Duty-Free shops
  • Higher demands from airports towards retailers to get more revenue
  • Environmental awareness of customers
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"Why should International Travel Retail be complicated? We prefer to keep things simple."

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